ExaMIn Trade & Retail

The need for comprehensive and analytical systems is quite high in most market niches and equally, there is an abundance of systems that claim to satisfy such needs. However these “one size fits all” programs do not address the diversity of the marketplace nor do they comply to the specifics of any one Business.

RAD-IT is focused on providing business specific solutions.

The advantages of the business based systems is that it addresses the specific requirements & procedures by pooling in the required processes and features without burdening (thereby increasing the cost of) the system with unrelated features.

ExaMIn features multiple Billing Modules geared for specific sales & marketing environments dependent on the type of business being applied to. Whether over-the-counter (POS) invoicing or back-office-billing, ie., invoicing through Quotation and Sales Orders, ExaMIn OEB/POS incorporates periodic invoicing, notional items (bundling), invoice splitting, customer loyalty and a multitude of other such features.