ExaMIn Inventory Control Management is a very comprehensive and versatile inventory management system that is capable of handling and controlling any class of inventory, from trading items to perishables to spare parts for industrial capacity vehicles or machinery.

You may track items across multiple stores, units of measure and even database multiple vendors for an item with on-screen information on purchase price, last replacement cost and delivery to stores times. The inventory valuation is based on weighted Average costs, however, for the perishable goods business, the systems tracks the item based on the expiry dates for FIFO allocation to sales.

Seamlessly integrated to IC and AP is the Purchase Order Module which generates draft and finalized orders against vendors. Automation is a key feature here, whereby the deciding factor in the generation of purchase orders is the incorporation of history based period forecasts and purchase cycles.

The system also captures requisitions from different departments and divisions, whereby, all requisitions (MR) are automatically consolidated into items by vendor and its cumulative quantities and creates distributions lists upon receipt of goods.