ExaMIn Finance was specifically designed for use by multi tier businesses with multiple SBUs (specific business units).

With the introduction of the dynamic segregation of Business entity/hierarchy from the financial grouping of accounts for reporting clarity and the accounts that hold the transactions related to the business, ExaMIn Finance, is the next step in the direction of ERP systems catering to today’s businesses.

With today’s business structures continuously changing and evolving, it is vital that Finance has the capability to re-structure, re-design and re-engineer without passing to Accounts the back-breaking task of repopulating accounts related data to accommodate a new business unit(s) or the change in format of reporting the financials of an entity without compromising the accounting identity and profile of the individual Company or Division (business unit).

Template based structuring allows the business entity to report in multiple financial layouts without having to re-assign the executive accounts. Additionally, the historical data of an account is part of the account rather than the financial group the account is associated with, thereby allowing seamless and instantaneous multi-layout financial reporting.